Junie Moon YouTube channel announces Styling Blythe Super Deluxe wigs “Party Style” & “Kururinpa Arrange”!


This video introduces two very easy and gorgeous cute arrangement methods of "Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig" ♡

When you enjoy seasonal events, please enjoy not only your clothes but also your hairstyles!


Not to mention the wig, you can arrange it with the same hair as Blythe ◎


"Blythe Original Super Deluxe Wig"

Now on sale at Junie Moon stores and online shops!

Please check it out ♪

Official online shop → http://shop.juniemoon.jp/


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Blythe Official Site: http://www.blythedoll.com

Junie Moon Shop: http://www.juniemoon.jp



Daikanyama store: https://www.instagram.com/jm_juniemoon/?hl=ja

Horie store in Osaka: https://www.instagram.com/juniemoon_osaka/?hl=ja

Shinjuku store: https://www.instagram.com/shinjuku_jm/?hl=ja


Junie Moon International Online Shopping: http://www.juniemoonshop.com