Junie Moon online shop renewal launches February 24, 2021


We are pleased to announce today we introduce the Junie Moon online shop. 

If you make a purchase before March, you will receive a special coupon that can be redeemed in March!  Please take this opportunity to enjoy our new site and all it has to offer!

Thank you!

* Please note all customers will need to create a new account on our new website. This is a new system and your old account will not cross over.

In honor of our shop reopening will also be having a lottery to purchase the new “Happy Bags”! 

The lottery entry period will be from February 25 - March 2 JST. 

What’s inside?
1 Neo Blythe
3 commemorative items celebrating Blythe’s 20th Anniversary
10 mixed Blythe licensed goods
5 Dear Darling items

The total approximate value will be 68,200 JPY

Please check our news post to see which dolls will be in the bags. 
The 20th Anniversary commemorative goods will be exclusive to this Happy Bay launch. 

Lottery Sales Schedule:
Entry period: February 25 - March 2 JST
Winners will be contacted on March 9  JST 

This is a lottery to win the right to purchase one of these limited edition bags.
Pleas check the news section and the full product description before entering the lottery.
You will need to start a new Junie Moon account and be logged in to enter the lottery.

Entry and rules here: http://shop.juniemoon.jp/blogs/ja/jm-happybag-notes

Please note there have been some changes to how the website works now that we are on a whole new site. 

We thank you for your patience while we adjust to this new site.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused along the way and thank you for your understanding. 

Thank you for your continued support of Junie Moon!

Best Regards,
Junie Moon Online Shopping Staff