We are pleased to announce the illustration of TOP SHOP Ex. Neo Blythe Zyanya Remembers

Remembering those we love with happy memories of their presence is a good thing. 
Caring for those in the present, here and now, is how Zyanya remembers the past. 

Zyanya is from Mexico City.  
She loves to dress in a rich style inspired by her surroundings.  
The dress is a black base with embroideries and braiding.  
The over skirt has printed graphics featuring hojalata tin folk art motifs of sacred hearts, crosses, flowers and stars. 
Her accessories include a large red ribbon hair bow, heart shaped earrings, yellow-green tights and black four strap shoes. 

Her face type is Radiance Renewal and her face color is Latte.
She has long brown, permed hair with a center part.
She has olive green eye shadow with coral pink lips and cheeks. 
She has brown front gaze eye chips and a special dark green color right gaze.

*This is an illustration design.  Final product may differ from this image.

Release Date: April 2021
Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price: 19,500 JPY (tax included)