Blythe 20th Anniversary Fun Project “Traveling Japan with Junie Moon!” ♡ is announced on the Junie Moon YouTube channel!

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Neo Blythe, this project aims to make Blythe feel closer and to provide a place for interaction with Blythe fans ♡

"Traveling Japan with Junie Moon!" Even in today's life where it's hard to go on a trip, I want people who don't know Blythe to know Blythe through photos. I want you to travel! Blythe with the image of Junie Moon "Junie Mooney Cutie", "Junie Moon Her Home Sweet Home", and "Hello Again Her Junie Muney Cutie" will be the mascot girls of this time, and they will each go on a trip ♪ Dedicated Instagram Click here for Gram account!


Please follow and wait for the beginning of their journey ♡


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