The 2021 Blythe Anniversary doll is here ★ We are pleased to announce the illustration of CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe “TWENTY YEARS OF LOVE”

It’s the 20th anniversary since Neo Blythe was released in Japan!
The name of the anniversary doll is, “Twenty Years of Love”.
Here Blythe is reborn as a shining beauty queen. 

Message from Junko Wong: 
Twenty years went by like a flash of light. But the love for Blythe grows stronger with each anniversary we celebrate.
Let us introduce to you our Miss 20th Anniversary!
She is a gorgeous beauty we are proud to present to the world.

“Twenty Years of Love” has brown skin, deep brown hair and four nuanced special eye colors.
She is the grand prize winner of the beauty contest, where her graceful beauty has won her the highest prize. 

There are two fashion outfits that come with this release. The first outfit is a champagne gold inner dress with sheer one shoulder overdress with a long gold cape. 

The second fashion look is a black lace set dress.  The top is a short bustier that flatters the décolleté  and waistline. The skirt is a gorgeous long skirt made of black lace fabric over black fabric.  

The accessories include a crown with large rhinestones, cute bead earrings and necklace.  She is also wearing gold lame stockings and pearl high heels. 

Her face type is Radience Renewal with face color of new Choco (brown skin). 
Her hairstyle is a long perm with bangs.  Her hair color is a mix of dark brown and a new brown color. 
Her eyeshadow is dark brown, her eyelids are dark brown (molded plastic), her blush and lips are dark pink. 
She has all special eyes with brown front facing, light blue to the right with metallic, dark grey front, and blue grey left. 

The eye change charm is the shape of the anniversary year of “20”.

* This is an illustration drawing. Please note, the final product may differ from this illustration.

Scheduled Release Date: July 2021
Price: 32,890 JPY (29,900 JPY without tax)
* Purchase information will be released at a later date.