Celebrate Blythe’s birthday with the “20th Party Pick” from the Junie Moon YouTube channel! This is an announcement!

June 23rd is Neo Blythe's birthday ♡! An illustration of the 20th anniversary of Neo Blythe was also posted, and he has finally started the countdown to the anniversary! !!

This year is the 20th anniversary, so we have prepared a "party pick" so that you can celebrate with her.

 It's very easy to make and use, so you can enjoy it with your children! Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary of Neo Blythe together ♪

When you take a cute picture and upload it to his SNS such as Instagram and Twitter, please attach the following hashtag and let's all get excited ♡


● Paper distribution conditions Purchase one of Blythe Doll, Blythe miscellaneous goods, Diadarin, and gallery products at the target store (1 account) and distribute 1 sheet.

● Target stores Junie Moon Daikanyama store, Horie store, Shinjuku store, online shop

● Distribution period Daikanyama store, Horie store, Shinjuku store: May 22, 2021 (Sat) -June 23, 2021 (Wed) Online shop: May 25 (Tue) Shipment-June 22 (Tue) ) Shipment


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