Junie Moon YouTube channel announces #OOAKBlythe Exhibition: Ellenisia solo exhibition “Requiem” at #JunieMoon Shinjuku ♡!


This is an introduction video of Ellenisia's solo exhibition "Requiem", which has been held at Junie Moon Shinjuku store since Saturday, July 17, 2021. I would appreciate it if you could.
Please fully enjoy the tightly condensed world of Ellenisia.


<Comment From Ellenisia> Ellenisia Exhibition "Requiem"
Her welcome to the world of cute custom dolls in fiction.
The doll is a mirror of her heart. What can you see beyond the glamorous exhibition?
We hope you enjoy it with plenty of imagination.
We also plan to sell dress sets and headdresses. We will also prepare a photo booth, so please come with your child.

Ellenisia by Plastic Cabaret
An artist who has fallen in love with the doll.
While she is active mainly overseas, including solo exhibitions abroad, Asia International Exhibition, and guest appearances at Kengo Kuma seminar, she is involved in the establishment of Japanese language schools and museums in Indonesia as a Japanese artist.
The Youtube doll project with Ryo Mon has exceeded 280,000 views. The origin of doll play is the encounter with Blythe, who was casually placed at a beauty salon in Santa Monica.

Blog: http://plasticcabaret.blog.fc2.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plastic_cabaret/


* Holding period * July 17th (Sat) -August 8th (Sun), 2021
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 Details of the exhibited works are posted on the Junie Moon Shinjuku store blog!