Get ready to go out on the Junie Moon YouTube channel #Blythe #DIY #SewingTutorial! This is an announcement of “DIY One Piece Decoration”!

The DIY kit "Teared Dress" has been decorated for summer ♡

This time, we used beads, sequins, lace flowers, etc. to make a juicy and refreshing arrangement ♪ The DIY kit is a particular fabric because you can make clothes as many times as you like using the attached cloth as well as the paper pattern. If you find one, please enjoy making clothes for the next season!


The latter half of the video also introduces a very simple hair arrangement.

Braid arrangements that can be done quickly before going out are great for all seasons with hats and hair accessories ♪

The outfit used for coordination is a very good value item currently on sale at each Junie Moon store, so please have a look ♡



Check the official website for more information on the sale ☆ https://www.blythedoll.com/news/20210727_jm_sale/




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