Junie Moon YouTube channel announces the introduction of Junie Moon Presents Spring Mum outfit!



The combination of outfit red and hair color pink is very girly and cute!

If you tie the string of the hood at the neck, the big ribbon will be the point and you can wear it even more cutely!


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୨୧ ‥ What is June Moon Presents Memories of Twenty Years ‥ ୨୧


This is a special project presented to everyone by Junie Moon to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Neo Blythe.

A doll in new clothes inspired by the old Neo Blythe

Sold in limited quantities. (12 types in total)


Clothes design and production by Junie Moon's doll clothing brand

"Dear Darling fashion for dolls" is in charge.


On Instagram of Dear Darling fashion for dolls,

We are releasing the latest information such as the production process and image photos!

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