From the Junie Moon YouTube channel, we are announcing “Spring coordination is perfect with this ♪ Newly released DIY kit”!

A kit that allows you to make your own Blythe clothes with this one ♡

 A new spring item is now available in the DIY sewing kit! There are 3 items: a V-neck coat with a cute floral pattern, a dolman sleeve cut-and-sew that is easy to wear, and denim-style wide pants ♪

If you put everything together, total coordination is complete!

Each item is easy to combine with your own clothes, so please enjoy the fashion of spring with your own clothes!

When it's completed, please wear it on Blythe and come visit Junie Moon ♡


Dear Darling fashion for dolls "DIY kit" can also be purchased at the online shop! In addition to the French sleeve T-shirt introduced this time, we have many DIY items available. Please check it out ♪

https://shop.juniemoon.jp/search?type=product%2Cpage&q=DIY *




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