September 2022, the new anniversary doll is born! We are pleased to announce the illustration of the CWC exclusive 21st Anniversary Neo Blythe “Juno Estella”★

The 21st Anniversary Doll is based on the image of Venus, a planet that shines brightly in the night sky.
The beauty of the planet Venus is showcased in this new anniversary Neo Blythe!

Venus, goddess of the heavens, twinkles in the pink morning sky.
At night the stars in the universe gather together to remind us of the infinite possibilities of tomorrow.
It's time to make a wish for all of us, upon the stars.

The name of the 21st Anniversary Neo Blythe is "Juno Estella".
The set includes two styles of elegant dresses.

“Bright Star” look (Pink Dress Style)
The dress is in a subdued pink color and is coordinated with a gold leaf crown.
The top of the dress is made of lame fabric with a braid, while the bottom is made of soft chiffon with a tiered skirt.
It is accented with pearls and a chain belt with a star motif.

“Evening Star” look (Blue Dress Style)
Blue chiffon fabric with gold silk print with a cape and coordinating star-shaped tiara.
The asymmetrically gathered draping at the top and the cape that descends from the shoulders to the hem gives the dress an elegant image.

The accessories common to the two styles of fashion are gold and white.
Necklace and earrings with pearl and star motifs, petticoats that flatter the silhouette of the skirt, lace socks, and gold chiffon shirts.
lace socks, and gold shoes.
socks, and gold shoes.

The face type is Radiance Evolution and the face color is translucent cream.
The hair color is a new ink blue. Hairstyle is long hair with a center parted-perm.
Makeup is light brown for eyeshadow, cherry pink for lips, and clear pink for blush.
Eyelids are light brown (molded color) and eyelashes are special black.
All eye colors are set in special colors! Blue-green (front), light brown (right), blue (front), pink (left).

Please look forward to the announcement of the final specifications♪

*This product is intended for ages 15 and up.
Illustrations are design drawings. Specifications may differ from the product.

Release date: Scheduled for September 2022
Suggested retail price: 32,890 yen (including tax)