Long Sleeve Tees are Now Available! Announcing the release of the “Blythe Long Sleeve Shirt.”

These long-sleeve Tees are perfect for any season! The two designs are "Daisy Lover," featuring a chic halftone picture of Blythe enjoying a field of flowers, and "Music Lover," showing Blythe in a disco mod look enjoying some tunes! Both designs come in black and white body colors.

The large silhouette is easy to coordinate with any outfit.


Blythe long-sleeve shirts

Four types: Music Lover (white and black), Daisy Lover (white and black)

Size: Free (height 74 cm, width 65 cm, shoulder width 65 cm, sleeve length 57 cm)

Material: 100% cotton

 Printed and finished in Japan,body made in China.


Retail price: 4,290 yen (3,900 yen without tax) 

Release date: March 4, 2023 (Saturday)
*Only Daisy Lover (Black) will be on sale from Saturday, March 11th.