A new design is now available for the “Blythe Tote Bag,” a cute bucket-shaped bag!

One of Blythe's charms is that she is photogenic★.


We have added two new designs to our popular tote bag!

The "Mustard Tulle" — Blythe wears a beret with a large mustard-colored tulle ribbon,

The “Smoky Blue" — Blythe wears a smoky blue veil and holds a bouquet of roses in her hand.


The body of the bag is off-white.

The main body is 8 oz. fabric, so it is slightly thicker and sturdy enough to be used as your main bag!

The shape of the bag is a vertical bucket, and it has plenty of storage capacity.


Blythe Tote Bag

Total 2 types: mustard tulle, smoky blue

Flat size: approx. W42xH38xD13cm (ship's bottom), 3D size: approx. W29xH38xD13cm / Handle size: approx. W3xL55cm

Capacity: approx. 14 liters

Material: 100% cotton

Body: Made in Vietnam, printed and finished in Japan


Retail price: 1,980 yen (price without tax: 1,800 yen)

Release date: Saturday, May 27, 2023