New item “Blythe Die-cut Postcard” is now available in Blythe Goods!

Blythe and her friends are now available as die-cut postcards.

You can send them as postcards or as message cards to accompany gifts!

There are many designs with a variety of moods to choose from that will convey your most sincere feelings!


The designs are a selection of popular Blythes with backgrounds of flowers, cakes, hearts, and gifts.

Spring Hope x Flowers, Lovely Catherine's Corner x Hearts, Juno Estella x Gem stones,

Blue Rabbit x Gift wrapped Presenst, Quintessential Journey x Cake, and Fightin' Milk Sarange x Balloons.


Please note that the postage for non-standard-sized, die-cut postcards in Japan is 120 yen since this year.


Blythe die-cut postcards

Total 6 kinds: Flower, Heart, Jewel, Present, Cake, Balloon

Size: H15 x W10 cm

Material: Paper

Made in Japan


Price: 220 yen (price without tax of 200 yen)

Release date: Saturday, June 24, 2023