A new item “Blythe Curing Tape” is now available in the Blythe Goods lineup!

Curing tape is sturdier than masking tape yet less adhesive than gum tape, so there is less chance of damage when you peel it off.


This is very convenient for temporarily fastening, using for your DIY projects, and decorating whatever comes to mind.


Sealing a simple box with Blythe-patterned curing tape will give it a cute makeover.

It is water-resistant and can be affixed to refill bottles!

It is also easy to cut by hand.


Designs include cute and energetic “Got It,” “Merci Flower," elegant Blythe girls with flower accents,

Tea Time," featuring Blythe having a good time, and A to Z," which is a collection of Blythe's names in alphabetical order.


Blythe Curing Tape

4 kinds / Got it!, Mercy Flower, Tea Time, A to Z

Size: Tape body W5cm x 5M, finished W5 x H4.5 x D 4.5cm

Material: PE cloth, acrylic adhesive

Made in Japan


Retail price: 693 yen (630 yen without tax)

Release date: Saturday, June 24, 2023