We are excited to announce the release of “Blythe Big Sweatshirt”.

This eye-catching and popular item is the perfect item for the casually fashionable.
The body color is white with a unique Blythe photo and the relaxed size makes it suitable for men as well as women to wear as well!

“Smoky Blue" wears a smoky blue veil and holds a bouquet of roses, and "Rainbow Light" is full of artistic vibrations.

You can't help but love it! The cute Fightin' Milk is the model for the "Sarang He" collection.

Blythe Big Sweatshirt
Total 3 types: Smoky Blue, Rainbow Light, Sarang He
Size: Free size (Length: 67 cm, Body width: 55 cm, Shoulder width: 48 cm, Sleeve length: 59 cm)
Material: Outer: 100% cotton, (pile finish on the back)
Body made in China, printed and finished in Japan

Retail price: 5,280 yen (price without tax: 4,800 yen)
Release date: Saturday, October 21, 2023