New “Dear Darling Fashion for Dolls” items are on sale! (produced by Junie Moon)

This cute, large-round collared-blouse is a great item to mix and match and the ruffle overalls are perfect for fall and winter!


Although the colors match the fall/winter season, short sleeves are easy to use all year round.

Blythe can easily wear a jacket or coat over a blouse.


The ruffled overalls have a natural gingham check pattern!

The frills and ribbon details are so cute♪




Dear Darling fashion for dolls

[Ruffle tapered overalls]

brown, green, pink

22cm doll size

price: 2,860 yen (tax excluded price: 2,600 yen)


[Round collar blouse]

off-white or dark gray

22cm doll size

price: 2,640 yen (tax excluded price: 2,400 yen)




*Doll body and accessories other than those listed above are not included.


Release date: November 11th (Sat)