Blythe’s acrylic charm is now available!

The ratio of the head and body has been deformed to create a unique and cute charm★


This charm comes in a “blind” aluminum laminated bag so you won't know which charm you’re getting until you open it! Comes with a ball chain, so you can attach it to your bag, smartphone shoulder, etc.♪


There are 8 types: Clearly Claire, Zoe and Her Pet Fish, Sherry Victorian, Angelica Nurse of Compassion,
Sherry Babette, Time After Alice, Aurella Amphitrite, and Coquette Lumière.


“Blythe Acrylic Charm Collection”
Total 8 types/Size: each H6~6.8 x W3.3~4.5cm
Material: Acrylic, aluminum laminated bag Made in Japan


Release date: Saturday, May 25, 2024
Sales price: 715 yen (650 yen excluding tax)