Presenting the illustration for Neo Blythe Chloris Country Life!

Chloris enjoys a simple country life and spends her days picking the flowers that bloom in the fields. She dries the flowers and makes them into potpourri, wraps them in cute packaging and sells them at the market held every Saturday.
Her potpourri is very popular and has a special calming effect as well as relaxing effects.
Would you like to spend a peaceful day with Chloris?


Cloris looks great in a natural, smoky pink and gray dress, apron, and hat.
This dress has frills on the shoulders and embroidered lace.
The apron also has detailed flower embroidery peeking out from the pockets, and a belt on the shoulders.
The hat is decorated with flowers to add an accent.
She wears short socks and strap shoes.


The face type is Radiance Evolution and the face color is Fair.
Hair color is light brown, and her hairstyle is long with a side part and a loose perm.
Her makeup is yellowish brown eyeshadow, pink cheeks, and plump light pink lips.
One of the front eyes is a special color of gray. Others are the default colors.


*This product is for ages 15 and older.
*The illustration is a design drawing. Specifications may differ from the product.


Release date: Scheduled for July 2024
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 20,350 yen (tax included)