When you wish upon a star, your dreams are going to come true! Here is the illustration for the upcoming Middie Blythe ”Twinkle Princess”!

The winter sky shimmers with a billion far away lights.
Whisper a wish to them, and they will grant it!
I know they hear me, and I know my dreams reached them!

Twinkle Princess is wearing an outfit that looks like it fell out of the night sky.
Her star-sprinkled dress and fluffy fur coat make her fit to take a walk on the clouds in the breezy evening air.

Her star printed dress comes with a layered skirt with pom-pom blades.
Her light purple cape and cuffs pair wonderfully with her warm fur coat. Her star crown is slightly over sized, and she is wearing lace up boots.

Her hairstyle is a long and permed silver with bangs, her eye shadow is brown, and her cheek and lips are pink.
Her eyes are blue, and her face color is snow.

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release date: December 2014
Price: ¥9,800 (without tax)