New Middie Blythe “Francoise Ananassa” illustration!

It's strawberry picking day!

Invite all your friends and we can have a strawberry picking party!

Let's make a milk shake using our fresh strawberries.

We could make strawberry shampoo or sweet strawberry perfume.

You can become a sweet strawberry girl like me!


Francoise Ananassa doesn't smell of strawberries, but she's just as sweet! Her dress and bonnet have a lovely strawberry pattern fabric.

Her skirt is tiered with strawberry and polka dot patterns.

Her beautiful bonnet frames her sweet little face. She has a new type of Middie sized "lace-up" boots.


Her hair color is pink. She has long, loose curls with straight bangs.

Her eye color is a lovely cobalt blue. She wears brown eyeshadow with a pink blush and lip.

Her skin tone is Fair.


** Enjoy the design illustration for a hint of what's to come.

Please note, the final product may differ from the design image.



Release Date: October 2012

Price: 10,290 JPY