New Blythe Summer Anniversary Goods!

We are pleased to bring back the annual stock of new Blythe goods. We
have new stickers, schedule books and more!


*Blythe Stickers
A fresh crop of Blythe stickers with new photos and styling!
There are many different sizes of stickers on the sheet you can use for many things! The small stickers on the bottom of the sheet are perfect for noting in your schedule book.

Blythe Stickers all 4 types
“Beauties”, “Love Alice”, “Fashionista Molly&Nelly”, “Peek-a-Boo”
Retail Price: 357 yen each (tax included)



*2013 Blythe Desktop Calendar
This is our newest postcard type desktop calendar! You can enjoy Blythe in various fashion style photos through out the year. This is a 2-way calendar so you can use it to decorate your desk or send postcard to your friends.

2013 Blythe Desktop Calendar “Secret Wish”
Retail price: 1,470 yen (tax included)Size: width 160mm x height 200mm x 70mm (when stand on the base) 12 pages plus cover.
* The photo portions are perforated and can be used as postcards.



*2013 Blythe Schedule Books
Our newest schedule books has new lower price! There are both monthly and memo pages in easy-to-use format. It has small size convenient to carry around.

“The Playing Cards”, “Red Delicious”, “Fashionista Molly&Nelly”,
“Rachael’s Ribbon”
Retail Price: 1,050 yen each (tax included)
Size: 148mm x 100mm
Page: 64 pages
All schedule books come with plastic cover.



*Blythe Wall Calendar
This is our newest 2013 wall calendar. You can decorate your room or office with cute Blythe photos for each month. There are spaces for your schedule and memos too! Enjoy the seasons with Blythe!

Blythe Wall Calendar (Red Unique)
Retail Price: 1,659 yen (tax included)
Size: 260mm x 255mm (520mm x 255mm when opened)
Page: 28 pages




*Blythe A4 Clear File
One of our most popular items, the Blythe clear files are back again with a new look! We have Alice designs, Margo Unique Girl and more!

Blythe A4 Clear File All 8 Types
“Framing Alice”, “Ten Happy Memories”, “Fashionista Molly&Nelly”, “Red
Delicious”, “The Playing Cards”, “Akai Ribbon”, “Margo Unique Girl”,
“Rachael’s Ribbon”
Retail Price: 294 yen each (tax included)
Size: 310mm x 220mm



*Blythe Postcards
We've taken the popular clear file designs and made fun postcards out of them! These postcards will bring a smile to the face of your family and friends!

Blythe Postcards All 8 types
“Framing Alice”, “Ten Happy memories”, “Fashionista Molly&Nelly”, “Red Delicious”, “The Key”, “Akai Ribbon”, “Margo Unique Girl”, “Rachel’s Ribbon”
Retail Price: 157 yen each (tax included)
Size: 147mm x 100mm


Release Date
All items above will be available from 22 June 2012 at Daikanyama JunieMoon, Shinjuku Marui One 4F LeLe Junie Moon, Junie Moon Online Shopping Site, Kichijouji Chara Park Blythe Shop By Junie Moon. All items will be available at any Blythe shops in Japan from 7 July.




Jeffrey Fulvimari’s New Item Release!
*Jeffrey Fulvimari 2013 Wall Calendar
Each year we release a new Jeffrey Fulvimari calendar, and our 2013 calendar is here! Fill your year with the stylish and sweet artwork of Jeffrey Fulvimari.


Jeffrey Fulvimari 2013 Wall Calendar
Retail Price: 1,575 yen (tax included)
Full colors in all 12 pages + cover.
Size: 210mm

上記の商品は、2012年6月22日(金)より、代官山Junie Moon、新宿マルイワン4F LeLe Junie Moon、CWC Group Online Shop Junie Moon(PC日英)、携帯サイト)、吉祥寺キャラパーク ブライスショップバイジュニームーンで販売を予定しています。