Middie Blythe “Melomelomew” Final Illustration

Melomelomew is so cute and you will want to kiss her! Her a little cool look makes she even more adorable! Everybody will fall in love with her!

Melomelomew is a little kitten everybody wants to hug♥

This is the first Middie Blythe wearing animal costume!
Her costume has long and soft tail matching with her striped apron dress.
The apron dress is decorated with lace ribbon, heart buttons and Melomelomew’s huge lovely motif.
Her hat has kitty ears and big ribbon those increases her cuteness!

The hair color is soft mint green. Her hairstyle is light curly long hair with bangs. Her eyes are cool mint green. Her eye shadow is light green. Cheek and lips are pink. Face color is cream (fair skin color).

*The illustration is design image. Final product might be slightly different.

Release Date: August 2012
Retail Price: 10,290 yen (tax included)