Welcome Middie Blythe Melomelomew

Melomelomew our cute Middie kitten!

She is the first Middie Blythe to have a kigurumi animal suit. Her cute animal suit comes has a sweet and fluffy tail!

The light blue and white striped apron is so perfect.

She loves cute things and dressing up pretty, which is why she has heart buttons, ribbon and lace on her sweet dress.

Her animal suit has adorable little cat ears complete with pink polka dot pattern inside that adds to her charming look.

Her mint green hair has soft, curly waves with bangs. She even has a matching mint green doll stand.


Skin Type: Fair
Make Up: Eyeshadow- light green, Lips- Pink, Cheeks- Pink, Eye Color- Mint Green
Hair Color: Mint Green
Set Contains: Doll, Animal Suit, Dress, Hat, Underwear, and doll stand.

Release date: August 2012
Retail price: 10,290 yen (tax included)

Purchase information will be available shortly. Please stay tuned!

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