Fashion brand Muchacha & Achachum have collaborated for CWC Ex Middie Blythe “Nekogutsu Zukin”

Middie Blythe Nekogatsu Zukin she is the guardian of the Miracle Mushroom Garden in the village of Muchacha, of the country of Achachum. 

The magical garden brings happiness to everyone in in Achachum. It is a strange and mysterious place! Nekogatsu Zukin's shoes are bright red with little cat faces on them.

Legend has it when she walks, her shoes say "meow meow".

The denizens of Achachum are very fashionable and they love to wear cute hoods for their day to day fashion.

Nekogatsu Zukin wears a cute empire waist dress with a bold mushroom pattern.

Her big red head piece is a lovely flower which ties under her chin.

The bright petals of the flower attracts the gaze of the villagers.

Her white and red striped tights are a great compliment to the mushroom print dress. 

She has long, light brown hair, set in a slight perm.
Her makeup was chosen with the utmost consideration to match her fashion.
She has fair skin and the lovely make up fives her a mature expression.
She has light green eyes, the color of the woods. 

Hair: Light Brown
Eye shadow: Cream
Blush: Orange
Lip: Red
Eye color: Light green
Skin type: Fair 
Set includes: Doll, dress, hair accessory, shoes, tights, shorts, bag, and stand.

Release Date: March 22, 2013

Price: 12,390 JPY

Junie Moon International online shopping site will take pre-orders from March 15th.
Junie Moon and Lele Junie Moon physical shops will have this doll from March 22.