Middie Blythe is now a rabbit? Design illustration of Middie Blythe “Nellie Nibbles”

I have raised fresh vegetables in my garden.
We have so many vegetables, let's make a salad!
But, somehow, with all these carrots the salad has become orange.
Will you help me eat this organic carrot salad?

The lovable and huggable, fluffy puff bunny suit is so cute!
This is the first animal suit for Middie Blythe. It's the perfect size, not too big, not too small.
With this cute suit, Middie Blythe "Nellie Nibbles" becomes a pink rabbit!
With her cute blue basket, she's ready to pick some vegetables.

The one-piece bodysuit has a cute round tail on the back. The bunny hat ties to her head with white lace under her chin.

She has long, straight blonde hair with straight bangs.
She has brown eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lips.
She has light blue eyes.
Her face color is "natural".

The illustration is a design of concept and does not reflect the final product.

Release Date: April 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY