Pink and lovely Neo Blythe “Penny Precious” design illustration

"If I go for an afternoon walk, I will find a gleaming coin sparkling in the sun.
This little lucky penny fills me with luck and I know I will have a special afternoon!

I'll keep this lucky penny to remind me of this day!"
Neo Blythe "Precious Penny" has silky pink hair.
Her sweet gingham check dress is fun and childish.
She has a lovely bonnet to shield her from the sun.
The high waisted dress has a fluffy skirt to give her a baby doll look.
The flower and lace details make her oh-so charming.
Her sweet mary jane shoes and socks complete a childish and innocent look.

She has long straight hair with bangs.
Her hair color is silky and pink.
She has special front facing eyes in lovely light blue.
She wears beige lips, pink blush and melon eyeshadow.

This gives her a natural and healthy look.
She has translucent fair skin with a Radiance face mold.

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release Date: July 2013
Price: 14,490 JPY