A sweet new theme for Middie Blythe “Alicia Cupcake”

Everyone loves a sweet girl who's as delectable as a cupcake.
To go along with our sweets inspired line do girls; Neo Blythe "Sadie Sprinkles",
Petite Blythe "Connie Corneille” and "Ivanka Corneille” with have our new Middie Blythe, "Alicia Cupcake"!

"I love to make cupcakes!
The sweets I make each have their own unique story. I
 love to see the happy faces of the people who enjoy my cupcakes.
I'll make some just for you!"

Alicia matches our line of sweet lolita Blythe dolls. Her theme colors are pink and baby blue.
Her jumper has illustrations of sweets and cupcakes around the hem.
She wears a fluffy white blouse in total lolita style.
She wears a lolita style headband with little ribbons and her favorite sweets.
She wears tights and baby blue strap shoes.

She has long, light brown hair with a slight perm styled in a side part.
She wears blue eyeshadow with pink lipstick and blush.
She has blue yes and natural face color.

Release Date: October 2014
Price: 9,800 JPY