New Blythe stickers, Sticker Sheet are coming soon!

Blythe Sticker Sheet

Put this on anything you want beautified!
From your schedule book to your knick-knacks at home, make everything around you super cute!

These smaller sized stickers are perfect for decorating gifts and packages, and its range of motifs makes it fun and easy for you to get creative!

The "Princess Dolly" stickers features many of the Anniversary Dolls from the past, the "Cupcake Dolly" stickers is all about those sweet, baked confections,
"Cutie Dolly" stickers has an assortment of unique cuties, and "Wonderful Dolly" stickers is Alice in Wonderland themed!

Blythe Sticker Sheet
All 4 Types/ Princess Dolly, Cupcake Dolly, Cutie Dolly, Wonderful Dolly
Size: sheet: 120mmX80mm, card paper: 150mmX84mm
Made in Japan
Price: 300 JPY each
Release Date: December 13, 2014


Blythe Message Stickies

Send messages with efficiency!
From jotting down phone numbers and keeping important errands in check, to keeping a place in a book and leaving an important note for your colleagues, these message stickies will definitely get the job done!
These notes are also fold-able, keeping messages private if need be.
Just fold the note in the middle and use the convenient crease at the top to keep it closed.
Four different cute Blythe adorn these Message stickies, making sure the important message you left your friend is also great to look at!

Blythe Message Stickies
All 4 Types/ Fashionista Molly & Nelly, Junie Moon Ribbon, Bianca Pearl, Alice Alice
Size: sheet: 100mmX70mm (70mmX70mm folded), card paper: 132mmX76mm
Price: 380 JPY
Release Date: December 13, 2014