New Blythe Long Flat Pouch and Blythe Fashion Tights(New Color) are coming soon!

Blythe Long Flat Pouch
A cute and convenient pouch is something a girl of any age should have handy.
From the size, shape, and design, these Blythe pouches are made with a lot of versatility in mind!
These can be used as a pen holder, make up pouch, and even an eye wear case, the sky is the limit for what these pouches can do.
The designs include 2014 Anniversary doll Regina Irwen, the gorgeous Bianca Pearl, and Framing Alice who is very popular with Lewis Carroll fans.

Blythe Long Flat Pouch
All 3 Types/ Regina Irwen, Bianca Pearl, Framing Alice
Size: 90mmX205mm
Materials: 100% Japanese Cotton

Price: 1,400 JPY
Release Date: December 13, 2014


Blythe Fashion Tights(New Color)
Stay fashionable from the toes up!
New colors for the Blythe fashion tights announced!
These new color ways will definitely liven up your wardrobe!
From lolita to goth, these print tights have been a focal point for a lot of girls, being so popular that they have been selling out consistently since their debut in September.
These tights have a lighter base color so that they could be coordinated all the way through winter into spring time and even into early summer!

Blythe Fashion Tights(New Color)
All 3 Types/ Regina Irwen (pink), Fashionista Molly & Nelly (cream), Framing Alice (light blue)
Size: M-L Sizes / Hip 85-98cm / for people 150-165 cm tall
Materials: 91% Polyester, 9%Polyurethane
Made in Japan

Price: 5,500 JPY
Releas Date: January 10, 2015