These exotic Moroccan patterns are sure to intrigue! This is an announcement for the illustrations for Marrakech Melange!

As the beautiful aromas of a potpourri waft through the sunset sky, the bazaar begins to close up for the day.
My accessory shop had many customers today, and many of my ear rings and ribbons were sold!
Time to close up shop and get some rest. Tomorrows a new day!

Accessories are essential to any dress set.
My dream is to make many pretty accessories and have many people enjoy them!

Marrakech Melange is a popular accessory designer in Morocco.
Her emerald green hair gracefully matches her mosaic dress and gold cape, as well as the Marrakech Melange original accessories!
The over all dark town is accented by the flower petal-like red collar and gold buttons.
Her cape is an elegant gold, white, and black coloring that exudes a mature aura.
Her hair accessory is inspired by the beautiful refracted light that Moroccan glass works create, and her ear rings are a long, black tassel type that gently sway with movement.
Her footwear are a black, short medium boot.

She has a lightly permed banged haircut, and her hair color is emerald green.
Her eyeshadow is brown, and her cheek and lip are orange. Her left looking eye chips are a special yellow color.
Her facetype is Radience +, and her face color is Fair (Natural), and her stand is red.

Release date: February 2015
Price: ¥13,800