Here comes Little Red! This is an announcement for the Middie Blythe “Nana’s Little Lass”!

Look at those beautiful flowers! I should go pick some to put in my hood, and I'll give them to Nana when I go visit.
Now hurry, before the sun goes down!

As Neo Blythe "Scottie Mum" was about Little Red Riding Hood, "Nana's Little Lass" is also!
The look and fashions come from the same general garden, but this time in an adorable Middie package!

She wears a Scottish tartan hood with an apron dress depicting a scene from the famous fable. Her one piece dress is a pink blouse and blue skirt.
The applique on her skirt has an image of the Little Red Riding Hood walking down to her grandmother's house with trees, flowers, and a small dog.
Her lovely tartan cape is lined with frills, and her knee high socks and short boots are perfect for heading outside with.
Her underwear is a laced pair of bloomers.

Her hairstyle is a long and permed with short bangs, and her hair color is brown, which is a Middie first!
Her eyeshadow is green, and her cheek and lip are pink. Her eye chips are light green, and her eye lashes are the same brown from her hair color.
Her face color is fair (natural).

* Please note design image may differ from the final product.

Release Date: February 2015
Price: ¥10,800