Hunt for treasure on the seven seas! The design drawings for Neo Blythe Sally Salmagundi is here!

Yo ho ho! Aren't you excited for the Pirate's Ball tonight?
I'm gonna be dressed in full pirate regalia from head to toe tonight! I'm the captains daughter, I gotta look the part!

As a child of a pirate ship captain, "Sally Salmagundi" is ready to represent her fleet at the Pirate's Ball!
With a mature looking dress and a captains hat along with a stylish heart-shaped eye patch, she's dressed ready to buccaneer! Using black as a base, her accent colors are gold and purple.
A large ship adorns her dress with some laced ribbons on the side, and her hat has golden trims with a feather, chain, and rose motif decorating the center.
Her miscellaneous accessories are a heart shaped faux-leather eyepatch and a rose choker, and her feet are encased in striped tights and strapped shoes.

Her hairstyle is a lightly permed long with bangs, and her hair color is a reddish dark brown. Her eyeshadow is purple, and her cheek and lips are rose pink.
Her right looking eye chip is a special, skull printed purple color.
Her face type is Radiance+ and her face color is cream.
Her stand is purple.

Release Date: March 2015
Price: ¥14,800