CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe “Little Duchess Georgette”

Draped in rococo dresses, the most elegant of ladies have arrived!
Here are the illustrations for CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe Little Duchess Georgette!
This year’s Anniversary Doll is dressed in the most current rococo fashions of the late 18th century!
The CWC Exclusive 14th Anniversary Middie Blythe’s name is Little Duchess Georgette. She is a lover of music and plays the harpsichord!
She is a popular girl who is always playing at concerts everywhere!

I love to play the harpsichord, all day and all night.
Each press of the keys brings my heart a flutter!
 have an old childhood friend named Wolfgang who I would love to introduce you to since his music is very good. Right now,
I’m very interested in the compositions of a pianist named Dussek.
His piano sonatas are beautiful, and his piano and harp duets are incredible!
Oh, I need to get going to my next concert soon!
The life of a duchess is quite busy!

Little Duchess Georgette wears a pink dress with blue, purple, and mint green details, giving her a very sweet impression.
Her dress is made with a two toned rose and ribbon printed material, using lace, frills, and ribbons to decorate her gorgeous dress.
Her over skirt opens from the center, and two different horizontal gathers are put into the underskirt, with an added tulle pannier to increase the volume.
The dress is wrapped with a large, lovely ribbon. Her bonnet is pink on the outside and off white on the inside, the cloth gathered towards the center.
The bonnet is adorned with rose corsages and is strapped to her chin with a mint green ribbon. She also wears a pair of rose printed pumps.

Her blonde hair is permed and long, with her bangs cut just above her eyes.
Her face color is a translucent cream, and her face type is radiance plus.
She wears green eye shadow with her brown eye lids, and her eye lashes are a unique light brown, giving her a gentle look.
Her cheeks are pink, and her lips are a soft pink gradient with brown accents around the corners of her mouth.
Her eye color is a light brown color especially created for this Anniversary Doll.
Her stand is pink.

*This is a design illustration. Final product may differ from this image.

Scheduled Release Date July 2015
Price: ¥15,700