To accommodate your everyday needs! Jeffrey Fulvimari Flat Pouches are here with three different sizes!

These flat pouches feature Jeffrey Fulvimari’s illustrations extravagantly printed on it’s surface and also comes in three different sizes to be used in any way you see fit.
Great for traveling and as gifts to friends and family!
From make up and every day products, smart phones and other electronic devices, to even paper work and important documents, these pouches are a versatile and useful addition to your daily needs!
Use separate bags to organize your items, and use the different sizes to your convenience.
The small size will be perfect for gathering trinkets and accessories in, and the large could even be used as a clutch!
The designs are “Art Girl”, who has wonderful large eyes, the “Work of Art Girls”, painting with palette in hand, and the harmonizing “Glee Club”.
You can even store the S size in the M which could go inside the L, making storing very easy.
Every size has a different design even with the same illustration, so even with a set, using them is fun!  

Jeffrey Fulvimari Flat Pouches
3 Types×3 Size  
Art Girls/ Glee Club/ Work of Art Girl
Size: S Height 105 × Wide 140mm, M Height 150 × Wide 210mm, L Height 235 × Wide 325mm  
Made in JAPAN
Includes OPP Bag

Release Date: June 6th, 2015
Price: S ¥1000, M¥1600, L¥2700