A must have for the Summer! New Blythe Towel Handkerchiefs designs will be coming out!

efs with your fashion! Elegant, Sweet, Alice, Cool!
These four types will be printed with a different adorable visage of Blythe.
Anniversary Doll Dauphine Dream, Junie Moon symbol girl Junie Moonie Sweetie, long seller and all time favorite Framing Alice, and simple yet refined Fashionista Molly and Nelly will be featured on these handkerchiefs!

The material is soft and gentle to the touch, and very absorbent.
These easy to use towels will be a great staple for the upcomin hot summer days!

Blythe Towel Handkerchief
All 4 Types  
Dauphine Dream/Flaming Alice Light Blue/Junie Mooniue Sweetie/Fashionista Molly & Nelliey Dot Red
Size: 260mm vertical x 260mm horizontal  
100% Cotton  
Made in China
Contains OPP bag

Release date: -Jul-15