From Junie Moon Dollywear, a perfect outfit for the coming summer days!

The fire works bloom in the sky, the towns people hoist the portable shrines down the roads, and the streets fill with people playing and getting delicious treats at the street vendors, there are so many festivals and omatsuris to see this summer!
This cute yukata set will transform your Blythe into a lady fit for the summer merriment!

This colorful and pop yukata is 100% cotton from USA, the last of which was made two years ago!
Their modern designs are a degree different from the traditional patterns we usually see, which is a perfect fit for Blythe.
The obi belt is sewed on so that taking the yukata on and off is much easier. This is a must have for your summer wardrobe!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear ”Colorful Pop ” (YUKATA)
3 Types
Butterfly / Water Strider / Shuriken
Size: 22cm Doll Size (Neo Blythe)

Set Includes: Yukata, Obi belt (with strap)
*Head accessories, props, and sandals not included in set
Made in China
Contains OPP bag
*Does not include Blythe Doll or shoes

Release date: June 30, 2015
Price:  ¥4,800