Sun kissed and breezy! Here are the Illustrations for Neo Blythe Cherry Beach Sunset!

I spent the whole day at the beach, collecting shells and reading in the tree shade.
The day had gone by so fast, I looked up to see that the sky was orange and pink, the perfect sunset colors!
My grandma makes some of the best cherry pies on this coast during this season, so I always can't wait for summer!

It has been five years since the last tanned Blythe, Manuheali'i Paradise Girl.
Tanned brightly and wearing her pink bikini or summer dress, Cherry Beach Sunset will look perfect next to Manuheali'i!

She wears her cherry pink pareo around her bikini, heart-shaped sunglasses and bracelets matching, listening to the waves crash on the beach, relaxing.
When it's time to go get some of grandma's famous pies, she changes back to her cherry patterned sea-blue dress, fixing her hair back with her ribboned hairband.

Her hairstyle is permed and long with bangs. Her hair color is brown.
Her eye
shadow is brown, cheeks pink, and lips red. Her front facing eyes are a special emerald green. Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is
Mocha (sun tanned).

The illustration is a concept, and does not reflect the final product.

Release date: July 2015
Price: ¥14,900