Come have fun in the world of Red Riding Hood! From Junie Moon Dolly Wear, a dress set inspired from the famous fable has come!

This cute dress set comes with the iconic red hooded cape known and beloved by many. 
The hood itself is a little bit over-sized so Blythes with long hair can comfortably fit in them.
Even from behind, the poofy silhouette looks absolutely adorable!
The cape is also lined, so any angle with it on will look great!
Comes in a set with a pair of drawers.

Junie Moon Dolly Wear "Once Upon a Time... Little Red"
22cm doll size (Neo Blythe)
Set includes: red hooded cape, dress, drawers, socks
Package materials: card paper, plastic bag
*does not include doll, doll shoes, or basket

Retail price: ¥8,900+tax
Release date: Mid-May 2016