Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Blythes debut with Blythe Canned Cookies, Featuring a new Miss Anniversary design!

All of your favorite Anniversary Blythes will be featured in this special can. Each year, the Anniversary Blythes give to us a new way to appreciate beauty, leaving behind memories of a great year passed. The cookie tin top is also a over-sized badge! The delicious cookies, the pretty can... This is a must buy item for you and your friends!

The tin can is also a handy container for all of your Blythe accessories after the cookies have been eaten!

We will also be getting Framing Alice picture book tins and Junie Moon exclusive cookie tins as well!

Blythe Cookie Tins Miss Anniversary

Can H105 x W90 x D90mm, top (tin badge) H9 x W90 x D90
Content quantity: 7 pieces

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Egg, Almond, Salt, Flavouring, Raising Agent, Colors(Food Yellow No.4,Food Blue No.1,Food Red No.102,Food Red No.106 ,Carotenes), (It contains Milk and Soy)
Made in JAPAN

Release date : June  2016
Price : ¥1500+tax