Below the Ocean, They Swim Free! Neo Blythe Mermaid Tasha Illustrations.

Swimming in the shimmering lights of the sun, it's as if I'm sunbathing underwater! Oh how I love to be a mermaid!

Mermaid Tasha is a princess who lives in the sea.
On her hips are pink, blue, and purple scales with blue and pink fins. Everyone who lives in the five seas have heard of her beautiful swimming! She also comes with a bathing suit and dress for when she is on land!
Her swimsuit is designed to look like a seashell, with organdy and frills layered to create a very feminine look. Her sundress is perfect for walks along the beach in the hot sun, with shell and star fish designs patterned throughout the fabric. Her accessories are a pink tiara, a star fish and pearl hair clip, and seashell earrings.

Her face type is Radiance Renew, and her face color is snow.
Her hair color is blonde, parted to the side and permed.
Her eye shadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are pink.
Two of her eye chips are a special light blue and light purple color.

The illustration is a proof of concept and does not represent the final design.

Available June 2018
Price: 17,900 JPY