Painting is my passion! Neo Blythe Seeking Apelles Final Specs!

Draw everything is my motto. There isn't a day that goes by without a line drawn!
Going to my New York art school is an adventure I'll never take for granted.
I'm going to practice lots and be just like my hero, the ancient Greek painter Apelles!

Seeking Apelles' campus fashion is an elegant light dress with a casket.
The off shoulder sleeves and loose silhouette, the random lime green dots, everything about the look is artistic and designed!

The gray/dark gray/yellow designs on her casket go superbly well with her dotted dress, and the fake leather belt and large wool pompoms are perfect accents. The backpack is magenta pink with blue fasteners, and her shoes are navy long boots paired with gray/dark gray border tights.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair.
Her hair color is brown, and her hairstyle is permed lightly and center-parted.
Her eyeshadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are salmon pink.
The right looking eye chip is a special light blue color.

Face Type: Radiance +
Face Color: Fair
Makeup: brown eye shadow, salmon pink lip, salmon pink cheek
Eye Color: pink (front), light blue (right *special color), orange (front), green (left)
Eyelid: default
Eyelash: default
Hair Color: brown
Set Includes: Doll, dress, casket, backpack, tights, shorts, boots, and stand (16.5 cm)
Release date: May 31st, 2018 (Fri)
Price: 16,900 JPY

*Hair has been combed in the photo.
*Details are subject to change.