“Braid Hair Arrangement & Introduction of New One Piece” from Junie Moon YouTube Channel!


Braided heart arrangement that is cute even in profile!

A refreshing style recommended when you want to keep the volume in check ♡

Easy arrangement just by tying with braids and hair rubber

It is recommended not only for those who are new to arranging, but also for enjoying arranging with children ♪


You can arrange the rest of your hair further... Add hair accessories to make it even cuter and lovely...

Please enjoy your own arrangement☆彡


This time, we have a moderately voluminous hair arrangement, so the clothes are coordinated with the voluminous Dear Darling fashion for dolls new item "Balloon Pattern One Piece Set"!


A one-piece set featuring cute balloons and fabric with animals printed on it♡

The transparent sleeves and the large back ribbon are also points♪

A pannier with lace that spreads the flared skirt beautifully is also included in the set, making it a very cute dress with a silhouette!


"Balloon pattern dress set" can also be purchased at the online shop!

In addition to the dresses introduced this time, we have many new items available.

Please check it out♪



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