We are pleased to present the illustration of CWC Limited Neo Blythe “Angellica Nurse of Compassion”.

Day by day, Angelica dedicates her life to the ill and injured.

She feels their pain and is a hero of compassion and love.

In her hands there is hope and healing for all.


"Angellica Nurse of Compassion" is dressed in the fashion of an early-to-mid 20th century nurse.

She wears a one-piece dress, cape, apron, nurse's cap, armband, and other items from that period.


The dark pink dress is ankle-length with puffed, fluffy shoulders and long sleeves.

The collar and cuffs are off-white and accented with a ribbon.

Fashion accessories include a hair ribbon band and a grayish blue cape.


While working, she wears an off-white apron, nurse's cap, and armband.

The cross mark embroidery and buttons are also color coordinated in blue.


On her feet, she wears white high socks and booties.


Face type is Radiance Evolution and face color is cream.

Hair color is deep mauve (dark purple with brownish tints). Her hairstyle is long and loosely permed with bangs.


Makeup is subdued.

Eyeshadow is grayish brown, lips are pink (upper lip pink x lower lip light pink plump shape), blush is pink.

Eyelids are grayish brown (molded color) and lashes are special spec brown.

All her eye colors are special colors  light brown (front), light blue (right), light pink (front), and light gray (left), ★. 


*This product is intended for ages 15 and up.

*Specifications may vary from product to product.



Release date: September 2023

Suggested retail price: 25,500 yen (including tax)